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Back in Barcelona for a couple of weeks and enjoying the beach, the city and gatherings of friends and family ... some times paradise is just on the corner ;))

                                                                                             Photos by CoolBites
Hat by Accesorize
Dress by TopShop
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6 comentarios:

  1. Hope you have fun!!! I'm loving your blog!!! I hope that we can follow each other!!!!
    Chari T
    (deep fried stilettos)X

  2. Aww you're from Barcelona? I would love to visit it one day... :)

  3. Barcelona? you live in Barcelona? I went there in summer 09 and fell in love with that place.. i am insanely jealous that you get to live there... I am now following because I love your blog and also it will make me feel closer to spain lol


  4. hola me a encantado tu blog :),
    es exelente, espero puedas pasar por el mio soy de mexico y estoy tratando de difundir un poco el diseño mexicano por todo el mundo espero puedas ayudarnos
    un gusto enorme....