I ♥

         This impressive red door I saw while having a saturday morning stroll...

           My home made cappuccino tastes even better in this simple and classic glass I bought at Do Design in Madrid 
           for a super cheap price. Don't miss this place if you happen to be in the city.

          My love. Sweedish Hasbeens.

         Great quote found in a tee. "Congratulations to all the people proud of being the way they are"…

         Spring in a shop window…

          Cositas que me han gustado de este finde…sin más.

                                                                                     FELIZ DÍA A TODOS ;)

     Photos by CoolBites

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  1. capuccinos y cafés lattes en vaso, como tiene que ser!jajaja Besos!

  2. cool pics

    kisses girl,